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Codemasters Officially Unveils GRID 2

Time to celebrate, racing fans.

Today, Codemasters has officially revealed GRID 2 , the sequel to the award-winning GRID . The anticipated follow-up effort is set to release some time next year for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

You can view the debut trailer at the game's official website ; the video shows off Chicago and Paris, which is only a small sampling of the "stunning new world of competitive motorsport." The title has been in pre-production for the past couple of years, and is now in "full development;" Codemasters is utilizing the latest iteration of the EGO Game Technology Platform to bring this one to life.

GRID 2 aims to once again raise the bar in terms of gameplay and overall technology, and to these developers, it's "all about the race." Said Executive Producer Clive Moody:

"GRID’s back and we’re going to make street, track and road racing exciting again. The core design philosophy for GRID 2 is that we treat the race as a character, not a consequence of simply putting cars on tracks. Everything that goes into the game impacts on that second-to-second, in the moment, blockbuster drama – the feel and personality of the race.

We’re pushing boundaries once again with what can be accomplished in the genre via new tools, technology and innovations. In single-player, split-screen and online, the next-generation of the EGO Game Technology Platform will power graphics, AI, handling and damage advancements that will immerse players in the racing experience like never before. Like its predecessor, GRID 2 will put the sheer thrill and adrenaline rush of the race at the heart of the experience. It’s what we call Total Race Day Immersion."

Featuring an expansive new career mode, cinematic style, a new TrueFeel Handling System with realistic physics, and multiple locations from North America to Europe to Asia, GRID 2 should be quite the package. Lastly, they're going to tackle the multiplayer realm by providing gamers with "an entirely distinct and extensive gameplay component and unique progression system," as well as the RaceNet structure. Ready to drive?

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11 years ago

Freaking excited!…..Grid has been my top racer this generation. The intensity of the races sold me even though the driving isn't GT5 worthy, but the race immersion is unique to Codemaster products. Only game to rival Grid to me is Midnight Club LA as far a racing intensity goes. Both have AI that cheat so yea haha.

11 years ago

This should be really good.

GRID was one of those sleeper hits way back when. No one really talked about it, but the quality of the game was top notch. It was WAY better than any Need for Speed I had played in the last 10 years.

I can't wait for GRID2.

EDIT: I LOOOOVE it how no matter what game it is, they are STILL letting me race my real life car 🙂 even though they are over 10 years old now. R34 FTW!!!!

Last edited by Akuma_ on 8/8/2012 6:23:10 PM

11 years ago

oh hell yes!
so cant wait for this!
we dont have many racing games available these days so this is much needed!
and very few games so destruction based, its amazing what codemasters have managed to do with their EGO engine!
defiantly will be picking this up its looking really good!

11 years ago

Very coooool! Enough said!



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