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Codemasters Teases GRID Sequel

A racing game that probably didn't get enough attention was Codemasters' GRID , which was a very solid and entertaining racing title. After all, this is one developer who is quite familiar with the genre.

And now, more than four years after the original title nailed down some positive reviews, it seems Codemasters is ready to unveil a sequel. This teaser trailer was spotted by an eagle-eyed PSXE reader, and along with an obvious racing theme, we see the GRID logo with the number "2" in the middle. The brief video also tells us that "The Race Returns" on August 8, and the team even tossed up a #TheRaceReturns Tweet ("This looks…interesting?").

This could be something pretty special and with franchises like Gran Turismo and Forza unlikely to deliver new installments any time soon, racing aficionados should pay attention. Codemasters has produced the critically acclaimed DiRT franchise as well, so…