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Dragon’s Dogma Helps Capcom Post A 290% Profit Surge

This would probably be defined as a pretty solid quarter. …okay, maybe a little better than solid.

Capcom's first quarter in the new fiscal year went very well; the publisher has announced a net income of ¥1.32 billion ($16.88 million), which is a whopping 290.2% jump in the year-over-year comparison. Net sales were up 55.8% to ¥18.62 billion ($238.2 million).

Capcom cited the popular Dragon's Dogma as one of the primary quarterly contributors, as they shipped 1 million copies of the well-received title worldwide. They did, however, say the game "struggled" overseas while it "exceeded expectations" in Capcom's home country. And due to the overall success, you can definitely expect another installment as the publisher is set to make Dragon's Dogma a series.

Lastly, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City managed to ship 450,000 units…even if we're not really sure why. Mediocre in every sense of the word, it must've sold on brand-name recognition alone. That, and the maniacal trend for shooters and co-op multiplayer.

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11 years ago

I'm glad for DD – I thoroughly enjoyed it but there are good reasons as to why it struggled overseas. Considering the track record of japanese developers I might be asking too much for them to cater to us properly. There's lots of room for good development though.

11 years ago

I played the hell out of DD… for a bit. I must say that I completely lost interest in it after I saw the story… completely not exist. Other than that the game was one of the better Capcom offerings in quite a while. Now if only a solid Monster Hunter would come to the PS3…

I am happy for Capcom though. Glad to see good things going their way.

11 years ago

funny how 1 game sells a million units and causes its company to see a 300% profit boost!
where another game sells over that, and causes its company to go bankrupt!
just goes to show the extent of how careless 38 studios really were with their money!

its nice to see a sequel in production, i just hope this time they have allot more time to polish the game!
the controls were a bit imprecise and had a mind of their own when to work and when not to.
not to mention the difficulty system, and everything trying to kill you got old SERIOUSLY fast!
if i had a nickel for every time i said f*ck off leave me alone i just want to go collect something id be a, well, you get the point by now!
theres only 1 thing more frustrating than having to constantly kill off billions of enemies.
and thats having to kill off billions of enemies when all you wanted to do was take 2 steps to the mail box to collect the daily paper!

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