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Techland Working On “Dead World” And “Dead Stop?”

It was successful enough to warrant another effort, but despite a bunch of hints and rumors, it isn't official.

However, an announcement may be nigh. As spotted by Siliconera , Techland has filed a trademark for "Dead Stop," which may be coming to both consoles and mobile devices.

The patent was filed specifically for "entertainment services and providing an online game via an application for mobile phones and other electronic apparatus," so maybe it'll only be for mobile devices. If that's true, maybe the rumored "Dead World" will be the console sequel all the zombie-slaying' fans are waiting for… "Dead Stop" is a strange name (although we get the pun, of course) and we really haven't seen anything for "Dead Island 2." But hey, "Dead World" isn't bad. Does that imply a bigger environment, or what?

Anyway, for an open-world survival game blended with bloody action, Dead Island was pretty damn fun. You might want to check it out during the slow summer months.

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Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

Awesome, loved dead island. I platted it too. Hope theres a sequel.

11 years ago

I'm closing in on the plat for this game also. Glitchy game though! The Right 4 Life trophy is driving me nuts. It keeps glitching.

Anyways, I really enjoyed it. Very repetative, but I stuck with it.

11 years ago

i really hope they do another one, dead island was such a fun game!
repetitive as hell, seriously frustrating, buggy, and the missions were so boring!
but when you ignore that, and ignore that your spending millions keeping your weapons intact its so much fun!
that is the one thing i really hope they fix for the sequel.
for the love of god remove the weapon deterioration system!
its just so stupid, the whole point of dead island is to have fun ripping zombies to shreds!
but you cant do that because if you do you will loose all your favorite weapons!
so your forced to use the kick or weaker less expensive weapons which just defeats the purpose of the game!
its like buying a ferrari than keeping it in the garage 24/7 because your worried of scratching it!
throw the breaking weapons out the window, and let people use whatever weapon they want to their hearts content!!!!!!!!!!

11 years ago

What about Dead Island: Riptide? Dead Stop sounds like a portable effort.

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