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Vice City Visits The Early Days On The Ol’ Commodore 64

Grand Theft Auto III hits the PSN on Tuesday . We're not sure about Vice City yet.

But there's another nostalgic way to relive the greatness of Tommy Vercetti and Co. Somebody has decided to turn the final mission – the one that essentially mirrors the last scene in "Scarface," with the primary difference being that Tommy gets away – into something much…older. The PS2 version would look old by today's standards, but how's about a Commodore 64 version?

Yes, kiddies, the Commodore 64. One of the earlier computers that actually played video games and if you ask the right person, they'll tell you just how much they loved it. Would Vice City have worked? Nah, the world's just too big. But mission-wise…okay, it wouldn't have worked there, either, but this is still damn cool.