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THQ: Our “Properly Led” Teams Can Create 90+ Games

It's all about making the "biggest, baddest-ass game," according to THQ. But that's the type of big-budget-demanding environment that is going to change in the future.

The publisher's new boss, Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin, explained how he intends to bring THQ back into the successful limelight. In a recent Game Informer interview , Rubin was asked how THQ expects to compete with EA and Activision, the world's biggest publishers that dump hundreds of millions into their products.

Rubin said he believes the industry "will move closer to what we see in the PC model emerging now," which allows for a diverse lineup of games in terms of size and type. He cites Portal as an example of a great 90+ game that is not a Call of Duty . So can THQ make those elite 90+ titles with the teams they've got under their belt, even without the big budgets? Rubin believes so, provided the teams are "properly led:"

"The first Company of Heroes was a 90-plus rated game, and done by Relic, one of our internal studios. It’s one of the highest-rated RTS games. Why they didn’t do another Company of Heroes until now I can’t answer for you because I just started seven days ago. I will say this company has in it the ability of making a 90-plus rated game.

The Volition guys; incredibly talented. Under the restrictions that they’ve been under in this company in terms of the budget and time schedule they’ve had for their products, to put out a game that doesn’t necessarily compete toe to toe with Grand Theft Auto, but comparably, it’s amazing what they’ve done with what they’ve had. That team, properly funded, properly led, and properly allowed to create, I believe can create a 90-plus rated title.

Vigil; incredible art sense. I believe properly led, given the right framework, and with some of the knowledge I have from making 90-plus rated games, can make a 90-plus rated game. Our other internal studio at Montreal is capable of making a 90-plus rated game. The answer to how you make a 90-plus rated game is you take these people and foster their creations – not make a lot of other titles as well. That’s what I plan to do."

Company of Heroes , Saints Row , Darksiders . See? THQ does have some strength. It's just a matter of focusing on that strength in the long-term.

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11 years ago

Wow this is a guy I gotta like. So constructive, optimistic and – seemingly – also realistic.

Gotta say my expectations for Saints Row 4 skyrocketed now!

11 years ago

Give the devs a bigger budget and you'll hit 90s 🙂

11 years ago

no, sorry you cant!
one of the biggest problems for THQ games has always been they feel rushed and low budget!
they have so many awesome franchises that have so much potential, but have fell short because of what feels like budget constraints.
darksiders a prime example, a freaking brilliant game but held back because of its lack of ambition, scale and polish.
something 2 seems to fix, but, well, they went and created another problem by totally changing the gameplay.
sigh, thats all this gen has been.
fix one problem, create another.
we can never have 2 steps forward, it always has to be 2 forward and 2 back.
ME3 for instance, the gameplay, RPG feel of the game was FAR superior to ME2, but the story, characters, side missions were FAR inferior!
again 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

11 years ago

I'd love to know how they changed the gameplay when the game isn't even out for another two weeks. You have some insider knowledge or you just like jumping to the most negative solution to everything?

Not saying that there's no chance you're right, just saying have some faith and with the new direction, new leadership and more focus on games that have some fan recognition, sure why the hell can't they succeed and turn out 90+ games?

11 years ago

face palm!
go watch a gameplay trailer from darksiders, than go watch one from darksiders 2 and tell me the gameplay is not totally different!
sigh, seriously do i have to act preschool teacher EVERY day!?

11 years ago

I hate metacritic. There is so many problems with that model of game rating.

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