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Silent Hill: Downpour Developer May Be Forced To Close Its Doors

Silent Hill: Downpour was decent but not great. And "decent" isn't always enough for a developer to survive in such a competitive industry.

According to Eurogamer , Downpour developer Vatra Games may be forced to close its doors, as it is currently under "strategic review" by parent company Kuju Entertainment. Said a representative from the latter company:

"The new management team at Kuju have been conducting a strategic review of all aspects of the business. As part of this process, the ongoing business activities of the Vatra studio are currently under review. However, at this stage, no decisions have yet been made."

Many hardcore Silent Hill fans were a little disappointed at how the latest iteration turned out and as a result, sales weren't exactly brisk. The only other Vatra title we know of is the downloadable game Rush 'n Attack: Ex-Patriot . As of now, the team is supposed to be working on a big new action game (perhaps similar to God of War ) but at this rate, we may never see it on store shelves.

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11 years ago

Having just played through 2-3-Homecoming-Downpour I can say Downpour had the potential to be the best and there was a lot of great creepy stuff in there. But the game clearly wasn't finished when it was released based on the critical bugs. The unbalanced combat hurt it too. Silent Hill deserves a big name team working hard to reach perfection, it's a shame that it will probably die along with Vatra as survival horror is no longer respected.

11 years ago

besides the clunky as hell combat system, downpour was actually fantastic!
it really captured the old survival horror vibe!
sad to see the company go, i really hoped they would be given the oppertunity to do a sequel and build on what they set down for the game.
downpour was one of those games that was clearly a publisher issue not developer.
the game was there, it just seems that the budget was far too low, and the devs had no where near enough time to finish it!
shame, silent hill, one of the industries most iconic brands, deserves better!
WAY better!
oh well, back to my bubble to continue dreaming that team silent will one day return and give us a true silent hill game that will make everyone sh*t their pants!
one can only dream………..

11 years ago

As a Silent Hill gimp i too was pleasantly surprised by Downpour. I thought the creepy side-quests added some life to what is otherwise a usually linear experience (not that that's a bad thing)

Sad to see them go but at the same time if there was to be another Silent Hill game i wouldn't want these guys at the helm. Get Team Silent back!!

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