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Rumor: Pre-Order Warfighter, Get Into Battlefield 4 Beta

It would be no great shock if EA announced Battlefield 4 . In fact, it'd be a fair guess to assume it will hit for the 2013 holiday season. Prediction…?

But while we're still waiting for an official announcement, Digital Spy spotted something awfully interesting:

It seems a listing for Medal of Honor: Warfighter on Origin has outed BF4, as it says those who pre-order this year's hotly anticipated shooter will automatically gain access to a beta test for the new Battlefield . Of course, EA has since removed the information, which is kinda like saying, "Oops, we didn't mean to make that known just yet…even if it is true." Chances are, EA will make the announcement some time soon and as I just said, nobody will be surprised. It seems like the perfect lead-in, doesn't it?

EA wants to continue to chip away at Activision's lead in the FPS genre, currently dominated by Call of Duty . And EA has said they just want to "steal away market share," which they feel they did with BF3; chances are, they can do it again with a stellar Battlefield 4 .

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11 years ago

I wonder if Bad Company is toast now and to fight the CoD they will alternate BF and MoH every year.

11 years ago

Toast with the side of kickass. That's what Bad Company will always be, and personally, Bad Company 2 is still on par with the latest COD games.

I hope they make future Bad Company games. I absolutely loved the way they combined humor with realism.

11 years ago

Guess I should change my poll vote from 'neither' to Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Although I'm a fan of the Battlefield series, I wasn't much a fan of BF3. I like the series as a whole, and will probably pick up Battlefield 4 when it releases, but if EA doesn't offer up something truly fantastic in BF4, I'll probably never go for the future Battlefield games, and will just buy the next twenty Left 4 Dead games from Valve.

(joking, in case you couldn't tell)

11 years ago

I was never really interested in Battlefield's campaigns, I wonder if EA would separate the single player from multiplayer? That would be kind of interesting.

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11 years ago

one of the many, many reasons why EA was voted worst company!
they have so many amazingly talented developers, so they force them to spew out the same sh*t year in, year out!
there worse than antivision!
i really wish DICE, visceral, bioware and criterion could go self published!
just feels like there being held back by EA, and doing what they want them to do, not what they want to do!

it was really sad, last year at the EB expo we had the lead game designer and community manager from DICE come down to promote BF3.
i got to do a interview with them, and obviously my first question was when will you do mirrors edge 2?
my god we ended up spending 20 minutes just talking about it, and all the added things they want to do with it.
so obviously my second question was ok does that mean the next game we see from DICE will be ME2?
all he said was you know i cant answer that.
but its not what he said, its the way he said it that really disappointed me.
it sounded like yea if it was up to me id be here today showing it to you, not this sh*t!
just seems so evident that EA is forcing them into milking the sh*t out of the franchise that the poor developers have spent their whole life working on!
you can really tell their itching to try something different, and that EA just wont let them.

EA say they will do ME2 one day, but they also said they would love to do a sequel to kingdoms.
than yesterday a claiming to be ex employee of 38 studios claimed in a interview that thats BS, EA had the opportunity and turned down a sequel in march.
so sadly the likelihood of us ever seeing ME2, is about as likely as us ever seeing half life 3!

Last edited by ___________ on 7/16/2012 6:15:18 AM

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