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Hori Reveals Dead Or Alive 5 Arcade Stick

Admit it. You want it.

The arcade fighting aficionados are always on the lookout for great old-school-like accessories for new battlers. And lest you forget, a major fighting franchise returns in September.

That's why Hori has revealed the Dead or Alive 5 arcade stick, which looks similar to the company's Soul Calibur V stick and will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of DoA5. The stick also comes inscribed with the simple yet catchy "I'm a Fighter" statement, just in case you needed a little reminder. You know, it's easy to get distracted by copious amounts of bounciness…

This sucker is going for about $185 in Japan, where it'll release on September 27. You can probably expect similar pricing when it's released here. Or rather, if it's released here.

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11 years ago

Cool. But I already got my stick. It's the only way to play Akira in VF 😉
Better yet, AKira IS in DOA5 so things are double awesome.

I have my pre-order in for DOA5. I look forward to it big time.

11 years ago

Holy ripoff pricing. I'd like to have one but it just isn't the same as standing up at an arcade cabinet is it?

11 years ago

Man that looks mental. I may have to get me that.

11 years ago

185 yen?
for a arcade stick?
god dam it i miss the days of the arcades!
why oh why did timezone have to demolish all their arcade cabinets?
now all they have now is those crappy racing simulators, and bowling games!
oh well, at least house of the dead machines are still there…….
gotta love it how a 10 year old can blow zombies heads off in a house of the dead arcade booth, but you cant behead zombies at home in L4D2.
even if your 100!
good old inconsistency……
no wonder they call us a upside down country!

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