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Sackboy Wants To Go For A Test Drive, So Sign Up Now

Sackboy is just about the cutest damn PlayStation character out there. He's so darn lovable.

And if you've enjoyed his antics thus far, you probably want to see what it's like when he takes to the karting track. LittleBigPlanet Karting is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita later this year, and they're about to get a beta test going.

If you want to sign up for your chance to participate, head on over to the PlayStation Blog and follow the link. As is the case with most any beta, the purpose is to gather up as much feedback from gamers as possible; you have the chance to make the final product that much better! And although some may say this is just another ModNation Racers , we have a feeling that Sackboy and Co. will take things a step farther. We wouldn't expect anything less.

Actually, we're thinking this could be one of the best titles for the Vita. It'd be perfect for some top-quality on-the-go entertainment, wouldn't it?

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11 years ago

Never liked carting games, not even Mario back when it was huge. If you wanna drive I say drive a car. Whatever I guess.

11 years ago

Go karts are way more fun than cars. Just sayin..

11 years ago

no hes not, crash followed by ratchet than clank are the most loveable playstation characters.
looking forward to this though simply because its a kart racer, we dont get anywhere near enough!
loved sonic and sega all stars racing, and cant wait for the sequel of it so this should go along nicely.
i just hope it goes for longer than the LBP vita beta, i mean it only went for 2 weeks!
well a month actually but they only sent out a few codes the first 2 weeks most of the codes were sent out the 2nd last week.
dident have much on hand either.

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