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Dishonored Stealth Gameplay: Sneaky Assassins Always Win

Dishonored is set to launch on September 25 and you know, that seems like a long, long way away. Too damn far.

The problem is that Bethesda keeps teasing us with stuff like this 14-minute stealth gameplay video. Being a big fan of going stealthy and silent in my games (provided I have the choice), this is the kind of catnip that really freakin' gets me.

As we've said before, this really looks like an unbelievable combination of Bioshock , The Elder Scrolls , and to a smaller extent, Assassin's Creed . You'll see the character's ability to magically change places in the environment, and you'll also get a look at his prodigious inventory and skills. Obviously, you will have the option of blasting and cutting your way through various missions but hey, some of us like to be all ninja-like. Check it out: