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Survival Horror Showdown: Dead Space 3 vs. Resident Evil 6

I still remember a time when Resident Evil defined survival/horror. And in many ways, I suppose it still does.

But this generation has seen various genres shifting and changing; it has seen a new IP like Dead Space come in and take horror to another level. Some will claim it's more of a third-person shooter than survival/horror but that may not be accurate; just because you can move and shoot (which you'll be able to do in Resident Evil 6 , finally) doesn't mean anything. There are still a lot of slow, "holy crap, what's around the next corner?" moments.

Now that Dead Space 3 has been formally unveiled, perhaps it's time to ask the inevitable question: Which horror-based game gets your vote? EA's relatively new series or the iconic Resident Evil , which returns in October? Maybe it's best if you see the E3 spot for DS3 first.