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Atlus, ACE Team Announce Zeno Clash II

It's first-person, but it ain't a shooter, folks.

Those of you who played the original know what to expect; everyone else should pay attention. Today, Atlus and ACE Team (developer of Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages ) have announced Zeno Clash II , a follow-up to the award-winning first-person action brawler. This anticipated sequel is slated to arrive some time next year for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC.

With a daring, stylish visual presentation and invigorating fisticuffs, Zeno Clash II aims to be "bigger, bolder, and better in every way." The brilliantly detailed world of Zenozoik will be more immersive than ever before, and exploration is a definite staple. Players will assume the role of Ghat and as they wander about, they will be greeted with everything from natural splendor to intimidating enemies. They also say to expect "wildly creative new weapons and items" and a "dramatic visual enhancement."

As for gameplay, the melee mechanics have been refined as well, as the developers have improved the Lock-On function. They've also given the player more pinpoint control over their strikes, and new role-playing elements are being infused into this intriguing adventure. Last but not least is the addition of drop-in/drop-out online cooperative multiplayer; you can play as Ghat and a buddy can play as Rimat.

Said ACE Team co-founder Andres Bordeu:

"The world of Zenozoik is one of wild dreams and wilder nightmares. This is part of the reason we are working on Zeno Clash II, to give players the opportunity to explore Zenozoik with a friend via online cooperative multiplayer, turning those moments of wonder and awe into a shared adventure. We will make certain that going back and forth between solo and cooperative play preserves the consistency and impact of the narrative experience, while still allowing friends easily drop in and out of the game's fulfilling exploration and visceral melee combat."