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Tomba! Explores Again On PSN

It's another PS1 classic that deserves our attention.

If you're not familiar, Tomba! was a great platformer on the original PlayStation; it was created by legendary producer Tokuro Fujiwara ( Mega Man , Ghouls 'n Ghosts ) and remains one of the most beloved titles in the PS1's library.

And now it's coming to the PSN on June 19 for the ultra-agreeable price of $9.99. I say "ultra-agreeable" because the eBay prices have been out of control for years . Anyway, MonkeyPaw Games will deliver this mix of sprite characters and polygon backgrounds, an adventure in which "no quest is ever the same." Basically, it's adventure/RPG elements fused with puzzle-solving, exploration mechanics, and platforming…and it evokes fond memories.