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Anarchy Reigns Pushed Back, But Japanese Date Sticks

We understand the need for extra time, although we're not big fans of multiple delays.

As revealed at the Platinum Games website , the highly anticipated all-out brawler, Anarchy Reigns , won't make its previously confirmed July 3 launch date in North America.

This is the third time the game has been pushed back; it was initially supposed to arrive last fall. There are a couple of silver linings, though – Firstly, if you live in Japan, you can disregard this news, as your July 5 launch date remains intact. Secondly, the North American delay isn't huge; the title should still hit store shelves in July, just later in the month. We don't know why, and Platinum would only say that publisher Sega was "looking for the best time" to distribute the promising game. …we're not really sure if there's a big difference between early July and late July, but whatever.

Platinum always seems to know what they're doing, so we're perfectly willing to be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt.

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11 years ago

there saying the games done but have no idea when its releasing.
and now theres rumours floating around saying sega does not want to release it outside of JP.
meh, whatever every PG game has been pretty crap so as the saying goes no skin off my back!

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