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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC: Go Trigger-Happy In June

When you have little room in which to work, your reflexes had best be top-notch.

In Battlefield 3 , there are multiple situations where strategy and a solid battle plan are necessary for success. But with the new downloadable pack, it's going to be all about gunning down your opponent faster than your opponent can gun down you.

It's the Close Quarters DLC, which will be available in June. This new video highlights the up-close-and-personal insanity that will be in full effect for the multiplayer expansion; a whole lot of small maps with cramped spaces. It looks like a ton of fun, although we can see how it could be frustrating…run this way, die, run that way, die…the deaths could mount up fast . But on the flip side, so could the kills.

Remember, PlayStation 3 owners get the benefit of BF3 DLC one week early. It's a small victory when compared to the one-month-early Call of Duty DLC Xbox owners have enjoyed for a while but hey, it's something.

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11 years ago

When I first heard about this I was not too excited about it. I still think its awfully "COD" but that trailer makes it look fun.

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

Will i need to pony up green for this or is this free with the limited edition?

11 years ago

This DLC replaces the need to buy COD. Its great I have played a bit. When 3-or 4 guys form fire teams you cant get through them. You might get two of them then your down.I can see really devoted players learning these maps so well that it could cause you to rage quit,which I dont do but its a tough pill to swallow having to die so much.Complete chaos, you better pop an energy drink go to these maps when you are fresh.

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