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Want A Shot At A Prototype 2-Themed Camaro SS?

Hey, check it out. A car.

GameStop and Radical Entertainment have teamed up to give gamers a chance at winning all sorts of awesome prizes, including a bad-ass one-of-a-kind Prototype 2 -themed SS Camaro.

Other winners will receive $2,000 in cash, and one lucky winner will even receive a limited edition Sgt. James Heller leather jacket; it's pretty sweet because only 200 are being made. Of course, the Grand Prize is that Camaro and all you gotta do to give yourself a shot is pre-order Prototype 2 at GameStop. Heck, you don't even have to pre-order if you don't want; if you're a PowerUp Rewards member, all you have to do is make a purchase or do a trade-in during the month of April, and you're entered in the drawing. All this starts now and runs through April 30, 2012.

For more info, head on over to the PowerUp Rewards website . Prototype 2 is slated to arrive for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 24, while the PC version will drop exactly three months later on July 24. Yeah, the game could be great, but no game is as great as winning a car! …right?

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12 years ago

Hell yeah….. Does it come with a free copy of the game cause that would be awesome.

Last edited by GuyverLT on 4/6/2012 10:53:23 PM

12 years ago

Way cool!
When I first saw this, the car was completely under wraps, un-named as to make or model, & had a big question mark over it, but from the shape I had thought it looked very "Chevy Volt"ish.

Anyway, I've already got a bunch of entries in from a multitude of buys this month at GS, so it would be awesome to win it.
Especially seeing how my truck's almost 10 years old and it's already starting to nickel & dime me(over $1100 just to replace 2 freaking fuel pumps in the last 13 months).
And that my 1987 100CI Harley is already showing some growing pains of passing her first 1/4 of a century of life too(She's in the shop right now as I speak).

Sooooo……..with some many gamers just trading in games(FYI:I REFUSE to trade with GS), I'll probably need all of you to wish me some much-needed extra luck….and in triplicate, LOL

12 years ago

The only thing I buy from Gamestop anymore are PSN cards, so I guess I'll have a chance as I need one this week anyway.

If I win I'll consider driving it right threw the windows of the store just to show them how much I dislike them, as I don't care for chevys either, lol.

12 years ago

i so hope this turns out really good!
i really really want to love it, but the original had so many problems, the developers are not exactly have a amazing track reccord, and there has been very little info on this.
i mean the last previews from it were months ago!
no demo either.
so in other words all signs are pointing it to being a giant heap……..
please oh please prove me wrong the games got so much potential!
please dont make us say another game that had a awesome concept but was poorly executed.
if i have to say that about another game this year im going to go insane!!!!!!

12 years ago

guess im going to gamestop

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