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Harmonix Unveils Rock Band Blitz, An Arcade Digital Title

They were down, but they were never out.

After the music/rhythm boom essentially crashed a couple years back, Harmonix disappeared off the radar. But now they're back with a new music-based offering; the biggest difference is that this one will be a digital title. Oh, and the fact that the plastic instruments are gone.

As revealed at G4 , Rock Band Blitz will be available to download on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer. Basically, it's a single-player game that lets players play all the instruments on the track using just a basic controller. Project Director Matthew Nord calls it "fast, silly, loud and over-the-top," all of which are adjectives we appreciate when it comes to Rock Band . Furthermore, the game will be compatible with all the songs currently sitting in the franchise catalogue, which comes in at around 3,700. Blitz will also ship with 25 songs, and all of those will be playable in Rock Band 3 .

As Nord says, they're not going for authenticity; this is an arcade game, so it's designed to be quick, entertaining and accessible. No pricey peripherals and a nifty recommendation system that gives players a mix of songs tailor-made to their preferences (based on purchase history or tracks recommended by friends). It looks really cool and the inter-series compatibility is great!

Also, if you're not seeing Amplitude in that debut video, you've never played Amplitude . 😉

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12 years ago

? Just give us the ability to rip our own songs into RB3 and pay a royalty for said song. This sounds like a horrible idea. Pass

12 years ago

Are you suggesting an algorithm-based program that detects beats, rhythms and notes from every different instrument of a song and automatically maps them out for you to play? Because it would be nearly impossible to separate the individual instrument tracks and then get anything remotely resembling a good map out of them.

12 years ago

I immediately thought of Amplitude when I saw this. It looks like it could be a fun game, and the fact that I can use my existing library in it is a big plus. I'll have to look into it more come summertime.

12 years ago

Looking forward to this!

12 years ago

how did they "disappear of the radar"?
so becoming the best selling title for the best selling electronic device in HISTORY is disappearing of the radar is it?
sometimes i wonder……

aaaaaaaaaaanyway, i was really excited for this ive been waiting for another music game for ages!
then i heard its getting rid of plastic peripherals, great will use our DS3s like GH1,2,3 even better!
then they reveal it plays nothing like the originals.
so in other words its a new IP but with a well known franchises name slapped on it so it sells well.
sigh, i HATE it when publishers do that!
come on give us rock band 4 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and clue is in the name.
ROCK band 4, not pop band 4!
last music game to have a proper track list in it was GH 3, everything after that, besides the spinoffs obviously, were crap!

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