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Mistborn: Birthright Coming To Consoles, PC In Late 2013

It's another fantasy RPG for those who enjoy losing themselves in a magical, mystical world.

Today, Little Orbit has announced that Brandon Sanderson's acclaimed "Mistborn" series will be coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac. The game will be called Mistborn: Birthright and will arrive later in 2013.

Set in an intimidating dark world of "ash, mist and gothic fantasy creatures," the land suffers under the iron grip of the Lord Ruler. There are also rare individuals who can use a powerful rule-based magic system known as Allomancy, which lets them enhance their inherent skills by ingesting and "burning" flakes of metal. Those who can burn a single metal are known as Mistin, and those who can burn all metals are called Mistborn.

This RPG will unsurprisingly feature an original storyline penned by Sanderson. The plot is set hundreds of years before the first "Mistborn" novel, and the focus will be on a "unique combat system that puts Allomancy into the hands of gamers." Players will step into the boots of Fendin "Fiddle" Fathvell, a cocky young noble who must work to master his abilities before darkness can destroy his family.

By the way, Sanderson just finished story development on Infinity Blade II , and he is also finishing work on the final novel in the late Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Said Sanderson:

"As an avid gamer, I'm extremely excited by this opportunity. The chance to write the story for a Mistborn game while working with a team of talented developers is, quite literally, living a dream."

Here's hoping this one fits the bill for role-playing aficionados.

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12 years ago

I love his work on the last couple WOT books, I haven't read his other stuff though. Hope the game is good!

12 years ago

Sounds pretty awesome so far, I love making my own characters for RPGs, but I welcome a WRPG that has a single strong character and a single strong story. And you can't beat anything gothic.

12 years ago

I was not expecting this at all, haha. Fantastic news! I love the Mistborn series. I will buy this no matter what, since Sanderson is behind the script! Cannot wait! 😀

12 years ago

no seriously, dont we have too many of these already?
my god there almost outnumbering shooters!
for once can we have a developer announce a game in a genre were not drowning in?
how about a psychological thriller, open world, or horror game?
you know, something i have not played 20 times in the past several months!
my god originality is becoming rarer and rarer these days!
id have better luck winning the lottery 20 times in a row!

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