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Dead Or Alive 5 Might Step Into The Ring On September 25

Okay, so something bad happened to Ninja Gaiden 3 . But there's no way Team Ninja can mess up two big-name franchise installments in the same year…can they?

At any rate, we're definitely excited about Dead or Alive 5 ; we've been waiting on news of a launch date ever since the game was announced. And now, according to a tipster, it seems we might know that elusive release date…

According to the GameStop listing , the highly anticipated fighter is slated to arrive on September 25. This falls in line with the latest update from publisher Tecmo Koei, when they said to expect DoA5 some time in September 2012. If you missed it, feel free to check out the recent gameplay footage , which is certainly impressive. The environmental interaction has definitely been ramped up, and the speed and fludiity is always a staple of this series.

Hey, so, any guesses on the lips on the cover? Are they Hitomi's? Kasumi's? …do we really care?

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12 years ago

I loved the short demo. I really think Team Ninja is on the right track with this one. D1P for me, absolutely.

12 years ago

How would you compare this to say…the street fighter franchise, specifically IV?

I've never really played these. Always stuck to street fighter when it came to fighting games.

Last edited by Jawknee on 3/23/2012 4:25:24 AM

12 years ago

Jawk, I've been a fan of Street Fighter since I was 8 and have played every one up till IV. I've also played DOA since the 2nd one. I have to say that I have enjoyed DOA (especially online) much more that SF. The combat is tops. Fast, fluid, and responsive. Capcom has been on my bad side since all the nickel and diming began. I highly recommend DOA as an alternate route to start traveling. I'm sure that they will release DLC as well since that seems to be the trend these days, but I don't think it purchasing it will be crucial to having a complete game .

12 years ago

Jawknee, using every ounce of energy not to write a text wall, I'll keep it simple.
The objectives between 3D and 2D are just the same: KO the other guy. Other than that there's a added dimension in the fighters like DOA. Fighting on 3-axis complicates the gameplay. 2D fighting fans aren't too keen on this because movement tracking becomes a big concern. Some people absolutely hate that they have to concern themselves over alignment, an added governing property…argh feel the text wall coming on.
but anyway, 3D fighters, like DOA, are more dynamic,as they tend to be closer to simulating a martial art. Lot's of moves. Moves that have 3D properties, (quarter circle, half-circle, full circle) attack movements that catch opponents not directly in front of you. Lots of timing considerations. but may feel less tight as a result of it.

Anyway, DOA is a good place to enter 3D fighters. It's very accesible to action gamers, yet has enough depth and variables to keep the dedicated entertained for years. Getting good requires tons of patience. ANd getting good requires human opposition. Be prepared to learn a 100 or more moves on any given character and the unique properties that govern each of them.

okay. gotta stop 😉

12 years ago

That's good and bad, I want it SOONER! But I will be able to afford it more comfortably later.

12 years ago

I think the one on the front is Kasumis since Hitomi has a different nose and doesn't have red streaks in her hair where the light is shining.

I've played the premium alpha demo and I am loving it just wish i had a friend close by to play 2 player with

12 years ago

this is apparently the leaked roster of Dead or Alive 5

Pai (Virtua Fighter 5 guest)
Sarah (virtua Fighter 5 guest)
Akira (virtua Fighter 5 guest)
Mila (new)
Rig (new)
Lei Fang
Gen Fu
Jann Lee
Alpha-152 (boss)

12 years ago

VF needs all the exposure it can get right now to help keep it alive. It looks to be on the ropes, not even able to qualify for it's own packaged retail copy anymore.
I'm major hyped for this cross over though.

12 years ago

Akira alone makes this a must buy for me. I am "meh" about Pai and Sarah, i would have preferred Kage due to the ninja part.

I only own VF4 EVO for ps2. I couldn't get into VF5 because I just could not learn the game. VF4 EVO has a great training mode that shows you the ropes.

I hope VF5 FS has this, and that VF6 is on the horizon.

At least in DOA, I can use the VF characters alot easier than I ever could in VF!

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