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Bayonetta Brings Her Fine Self To The Anarchy Reigns Action

If you've forgotten, the Vanquish and Bayonetta developer is working hard to finish up the all-out action brawler, Anarchy Reigns .

Yeah, we know you want Bayonetta 2 . We all do (provided Platinum doesn't muff up the PS3 version again). But if you just can't wait to get more leggy witch action, you'll definitely want to pick up Anarchy Reigns in July.

That's because, as Sega and Platinum Games revealed yesterday , the Bayonetta character will get her turn to beat on baddies in the developer's latest project. Right now, we only know Japanese players will be able to download her for free; we're not sure what Sega's plans are for bringing one of the finest rear ends in gaming history to US fans. Don't forget about us!