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Prototype 2 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Those who enjoyed the original are likely excited for the sequel. And if you're excited, you pre-order, correct?

Good news then: Activision has revealed the pre-order incentives for Prototype 2 , the new action extravaganza from Radical Entertainment that is slated to arrive for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in the US on April 24.

If you decide to drop your deposit at, you'll receive a unique code that lets you download the first issue of the Prototype 2 comic, "The Anchor." This tells the story of Alex Mercer and was created by Dark Horse Comics. But if you'd rather go for something different, pre-order at Best Buy and grab a steelbook case (while supplies last) that isn't available anywhere else in the country. As an added bonus, Best Buy will host an exclusive chat with the guys from Radical; this will take place on April 23, 2012 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. CST. No details yet on how to participate, but we're sure they'll release the info soon.

Plus, anybody who pre-orders the game in question gains access to the RADNET Edition content, which is a fantastic collection of no less than 55 free in-game Events, Challenges, Avatar Items, Dynamic Themes, Behind-the-Scenes videos, extra Mutations for the campaign, and an Alex Mercer playable skin. To learn more about RADNET, check out the official site .

If done well, Prototype 2 could easily be one of the most entertaining titles of 2012.

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12 years ago

I'd be willing to give the series another chance if they fix… just about everything.

12 years ago

i really hope this is as good as it should be.
prototype was one of those games that had a awesome concept but really poorly executed.
besides all the other problems like bugs and fluctuating difficulty the repetitiveness really destroyed the original.
making 3 different missions and repeating them 10 times does not a full game make!
they need to expand the upgrades system too.
i hate it when games give you so many points but have so few upgrades in them you never have anything to buy because its either locked to try lengthen the game, or ridiculously expensive again to try lengthen the game.
SSX for instance, your unlocking so many credits so quickly but you never have anything useful to purchase with it.
its like giving someone 50 million bucks but not letting them spend a penny.
whats the point of having it if you cant spend it?

12 years ago

I really hope they pull a "Just Cause 2" and overhaul it so much that the sequel is drastically better than the last game. Prototype had it's moments, but just didn't do it for me overall and aside from a few cool combat and destruction elements, it paled in comparison to the awesomeness that was Infamous. If they can flip this franchise completely to the point where all flaws of Protoype are forgiven and forgotten, I'll definitely pick this one up. Just Cause 2 is still among my top all time favorite sandbox games. I don't remember anything about the first Just Cause aside from it being horrible. Maybe Prototype 2 will do this too. Fingers crossed.

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