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Notch Mulls Over Chances Of Funding A Psychonauts Sequel

As some of you know, Minecraft guru Markus "Notch" Persson said he was serious about helping Tim Schafer get a long-awaited Psychonauts sequel off the ground.

Since then, we had heard that Schafer and Persson had talked about the prospect and now, in speaking to Kotaku , Schafer said Notch might be in a position to offer $13 million in funding.

Apparently, Schafer warned Persson that it would take a lot more than the $1 million he had previously mentioned in a Digital Spy interview; in fact, it would require at least the budget of the first game : $13 million. And when he told his interested investor, Notch just replied, "yeah, I can do that." At this point, nothing has been agreed upon – no pen to paper, in other words – but Schafer appears to be seriously considering the idea.

"He's just a regular guy. He didn't do anything sleazy to get it. He just made it himself, distributed it himself, it's a great story. I think we have a lot to learn from him, so I'd like to do something with him. And I'd like to make Psychonauts 2."

Schafer's studio, Double Fine, held a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new point-and-click adventure, and they hit their goal of $400,000 in only a matter of hours. Obviously, Psychonauts 2 would be a much bigger project but…dare we hope now? Well, don't get too excited; as Notch wrote on his Blog , he's not sure about the cost (it's higher than he thought), and he has "NO idea" if this will happen.

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12 years ago

Just now bought a used copy for PS2. Heard great about it so definitely excited to play it tonight.

12 years ago

What sort of game is Psychonauts?

12 years ago

Mostly a platformer IIRC.

From Wiki: "Psychonauts combines traditional console platformer elements with the kind of strong storytelling, humor and dialogue found in adventure games."

Last edited by Fane1024 on 2/16/2012 3:24:13 AM

12 years ago

Hey World,
It's a highly innovative(& highly rated) game plus it's also considered a big cult favorite too,

Here's a little more in-depth description of it……

Psychonauts is a 3D platform game starring a gifted young psychic named Raz as he attends school to become a member of a top-secret intelligence organization.

As part of his academic "studies," Raz must enter classmates' minds to solve their problems, ranging from childhood trauma to borderline personality disorders. Accomplishing these feats involves using the character's unusual talents to manipulate the strange worlds created by the subject's mind.

Raz literally walks through an individual's fears, delusions, and rage to solve various object-oriented puzzles and to eliminate potential threats. The human brain guards itself against foreigners poking around the subconscious and will manufacture enemies and barriers to stop Raz before he can resolve whatever psychological ailment is plaguing the host.

Among the special powers Raz can call upon are invisibility, confusion, mind control, psychic blasts, and telekinesis.

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