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FIFA Street Secures March 13 Date

Sometimes, we needn't take ourselves so seriously. Same goes for our favorite sports.

While soccer fans all around the world typically flock to stores to purchase the latest FIFA simulation, they should realize that even "futbol" has its more carefree street side.

EA has revealed that FIFA Street has nailed down an official release date of March 13. Prior to today, we just had the more vague "March 2012" launch window. If you weren't already aware, the game boasts 35 locations, a bunch of cool challenges and tournaments, and many of your favorite superstars. Lionel Messi, for example, graces the cover.

Even the non-soccer fans might have fun with this one.

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Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
12 years ago

Youre the only one to comment on this thread? Does anyone play anything else than FF?

12 years ago

The previous 2 was pure garbage with ugly characters.
This one looks awesome and I can't wait to play as Messi!!

12 years ago

Fifa 12 is a great game… Fifa street will be fun and i'm really looking forward to it, but it will never beat fifa 12+. Nuff said…

12 years ago

Both will be good in their own way.

FIFA is a sim that actually depends on your skill if you wanna win.

FIFA Street on the other hand, depends on how you do the tricks and are you capable of doing it which isn't hard to learn.
For beginners, you can just spin the right analog stick like crazy.

12 years ago

really looking forward to this!
though, why does every game have to come out in march?
weve had absolutely jack ^%$# this month, and only game releasing next month i want is the darkness 2.
its official game developers do not have access to a callandar!
they do this year in year out, then wonder why their games sell poorly.
heres a tip.
a games got a far better chance of selling when its the only game releasing that month, then it does releasing against some of the industries biggest games!

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