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Mad Catz Reveals Their Fight Stick For Soul Calibur V

What good is a fantastic fighting game, reminiscent of the good ol' arcade days, without a great stick? …not meant to be dirty.

Mad Catz is always happy to oblige when it comes to fighting sticks and today, they've announced the shipping of the official Soul Calibur V FightStick Soul Edition, a Tournament Edition controller featuring the Namco Noir button and stick layout plus custom artwork. Said Mad Catz Interactive President and Chief Executive Officer Darren Richardson:

"We are pleased to be working with Namco Bandai Games and supporting the launch of SOULCALIBUR V with our portfolio of fighting game controllers. As market leader in the FightStick sector, it is important we partner with the leading fighting game franchises and continue our long-term strategy of supporting the product category and community by delivering specialty products for the passionate consumer."

The game now has two licensed fight sticks available; Mad Catz and the previously revealed Hori model. The Mad Catz bad boy will cost you $159.99 and that may sound a touch ludicrous, but I've known quite a few crazy fighting fans who would drop that money without batting an eye. When it comes to their favorite genre, it's a "spared no expense" philosophy. How about you?

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12 years ago

There seems to be one problem with this stick:

It's made by Mad Catz.

12 years ago

I agree with you on the spare no expenses stuff. I have seen people buy those fps attachments to controllers just to have the edge over the competition.

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