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Sodium 2 Gets Big Payback Update

If you haven't played Sodium 2 in Home just yet, you're missing out.  It's a lot of fun.  If you have been playing, we've got good news.

Check out the PlayStation Blog for information concerning the Payback update, which boasts "new rewards, rivalries and explosive launch boosts."

You can now unlock up to 28 unique rewards by reaching new experience levels in the game, and there's also a new Rivals system, which builds upon the invigorating multiplayer experience: go head-to-head against any other player in the scene, along with the last 20 players you challenged in multiplayer mode. Nah, they don't have to be on your friends list. Lastly, there's the new Launch Boost system; if you time things just right, you'll get an explosive boost off the starting grid.