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Test Drive: Ferrari Confirmed, SHIFT Developer Involved?

Why drive any other cars when you have access to different Ferrari types?

According to Eurogamer , Test Drive: Ferrari will be distributed by BigBen Interactive in Europe. It'll be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

We don't know much about the game just yet; heck, we don't even know the developer. That being said, Slightly Mad Studios ( Need for Speed: SHIFT ) might be at the helm, as it has long since been rumored that the studio is working on a Ferrari racing title. Blimey! Games had such a project in the works a few years ago, and now Blimey! is a part of Slightly Mad. Development lead Ian Bell has said to "expect some interesting news very soon."

We're not sure if this game will ever see the light of day in North America. Europeans tend to love their racing games, if the sales numbers are any indication. As for the series in question, Test Drive has sort of been hit or miss. The last effort was fun and even innovative in some ways, but fell shy of being impressive.

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12 years ago

really had MASSIVE expectations for TDU2, hopefully this brings the series back from the disgrace that was.
hopefully this does not feel like a developer who does not give a f*ck about there game, has made many games before, and does not feel like it was strapped together in 2 months.
mind you thats after the game had a 6+ month delay, god knows what it would of felt like without it!

12 years ago

I can't imagine a Test Drive game being a simulation, that is if they're trying to go the route.

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