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Hori Has A Special Soul Calibur V Arcade Stick For You

I've never been into fighting games, and I wasn't into the arcades much, either. But I hear accessories like these are big among the hardcore fans.

According to Shoryuken , Hori has revealed that they'll be producing a couple Soul Calibur V -branded arcade sticks, which will release alongside the game in January.

Presumably, these are only for Japan, but who knows? Maybe you could import one you're an avid fighting aficionado. Modeled after the NOIR Japanese Arcade Cabinet and featuring a pretty standard yet sleek button layout, the sticks will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hori hasn't confirmed a price just yet, but it could be close on to $150. The Sanwa-packing Real Arcade Pro goes for $140, ya know, so be prepared to shell out.

Now, I've never been any good with this sort of control scheme. Like I said, I wasn't big into arcades or fighters back in the day. Could someone who knows something about this please explain the appeal? Do you get better control from that joystick? And does it help to have those big plastic buttons? I would think it'd be harder to string together combos and stuff, but I'm probably wrong about that.

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12 years ago

Looks cool but too much for me so pass.

12 years ago

I've got a special stick for Soul Calibur V

12 years ago

I'd own one if they'd cost the same as a Dualshock. Its awkward switching from face buttons to a trigger button in the middle of a combo. The arcade stick is just more convenient for actually pressing all the buttons because you get to use your entire hand, and not just your thumb. Its like the difference between texting with a phone, and texting on an actual keyboard. I'm actually trying to make my own.

Say, when can we expect a King of Fighters XIII review?

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