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SOCOM III: US Navy SEALs Preview

Scheduled release date:
October 11, 2005
Zipper Interactive
Number Of Players:
1-32 (online)
Release Date:

Many months ago, Sony and Zipper Interactive posted a "wish list" poll on the Official Sony PlayStation web boards, asking gamers what they'd like to see added to or fixed in SOCOM III.

It looks like they took that input to heart… as our "spies" have uncovered a partial list of confirmed features in SOCOM III, and, as it turns out, many of them were implemented based on suggestions contributed by players just like you and me.

Some are big changes. Some are downright trivial. Either way, fans of SOCOM II will have a lot to dig into when SOCOM III is released in October.

Confirmed SOCOM III Features

Wow, that's some list. And it's not even complete. SOCOM III is currently in beta-testing and is set for commercial release on October 11, 2005.

For now, check out our earlier SOCOM III preview .

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