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Capcom Classics Collection Preview

Scheduled release date:
September 2005
Release Date:

One of the many surprises Capcom unveiled at E3 this year was Capcom Classics Collection,

which is a compilation of 20 separate games from Capcom's 20+ year history.

The disc includes arcade classics, Super NES classics, and a few rarities from the PC Engine

and SuperGrafx eras.

We got a chance to put the collection through its paces on the show floor, and all we can

say is "perfect." Each and every game ran just like the original and wasn't stretched or

distorted. The PS2 controller worked great for all of the games we tried, and handles the

combos in Street Fighter just dandily. The company doesn't plan to add online features

unfortunately, but any games that originally supported more than a single player will also

do so in this compilation.

Games included in the collection are:

Capcom Classics Collection will go on sale September 2005. Until then, feast on our screenshots .

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