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Kingdom Hearts II Preview

Scheduled release date:
TBA 2005
Buena Vista Games
Number Of Players:

Sora, Daffy, and Goofy are back for another adventure in Kingdom Hearts II. Fighting their way through their first adventure killing "The Heartless", with the help of their friends, they are back and accompanied by all of their old friends and foes from Disney and Square. This time Sora goes out on an all new adventure to fight new enemies which are called "The Nobodies."

Once the trailer was shown, the first thing we noticed were the visuals. The graphics have been enhanced, and new environments were shown off, along with a bunch of recognizable faces and some new. Though the trailer was short and did not explain much, glimpses of quickly passing battle scenes and magical spells were demonstrated with some very nice graphic work.

In the trailer that was shown, none of the storyline was revealed. Sora is seen, like in Kingdom Hearts, fighting enemies side by side with the help from his Disney friends, Daffy Duck and Goofy. Other Disney characters are seen, such as Aladdin, Jasmine, Belle, the Beast, the rest of the cast of Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and many more Disney characters. Square characters were seen as well; a glimpse of Auron, from Final Fantasy X, was shown fighting what seemed to be a new enemy. Many new Disney Characters and Square character are expected to join Sora's new adventure in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts II trailer was definitely a sight to be seen, with enhanced visuals, many new and old characters, and the fight scenes made the game out of this world. The trailer has got us very excited for the final project. We are eager to see the game in further progress and will keep you up to date as more information is released. Until then, all we can leave you with is telling you the game was an unbelievably beautiful sight.

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