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Rock Band Track Pack For PS2, Wii

If you own Rock Band for the PS2, the game's assortment of songs are probably growing a bit tiresome. Perhaps you want more, but because you don't have the PS3 version, the online packs of downloadable content have been beyond your reach. Well, Harmonix and MTV Games have good news for you.

Today, it has been announced that the Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1 will become available for the PS2 and Wii on July 15. The pack boasts 20 new songs to rock out with, which great tracks by the likes of Boston, Stone Temple Pilots and The Police. It's a pretty diverse list, and you can check it out right here-

All 20 tracks use original master recordings, and all of them are already available for download for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Rock Band . It's a great list for PS2 and Wii owners, though, and it will certainly add a hefty amount of replay value to the game. You can pick up the Track Pack Volume 1 at your local games retailer for $29.99 when it drops in July.

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