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NPD Mar. 08 Game Sales: Smash Bros. Dominates; Others Bow

Warning: Try to contain your eyeballs in your sockets. The sales numbers for
Super Smash Bros. Brawl are indeed real. 2.7-million (!) Nintendo Wii owners ran
out to buy themselves a copy of, arguably, the most anticipated Wii game to
date. The next game in line comes in at a distant…distant second place,
Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for the Xbox 360 with 752k games sold.
Unfortunately, the software top 10 is limited, so we have no idea how much the
PlayStation 3 version of the game sold.

The next best seller was another shooter, and it was EA's Army of Two. The Xbox
360 version of the game sold 606k, meanwhile the PlayStation 3 version pulled in
225k. I was more happy to see both God of War: Chains of Olympus and Crisis
Core: FFVII in the top 10, as each game sold 340.5k and 301.6k, respectively.

April's NPD should be quite obvious, as no doubt that Grand Theft Auto IV will
demolish everything in its path. We curious to know if the April NPD is a 4 or
5-week cover period, because if it's 5-week, then we'll get to see the first 6
days of GTAIV's sales. If it's a 4-week, then we only see two days worth. In any
case, here is the top 10 list below:

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