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Sony Unveils Crimson Red Treasure Limited Edition PS2 For Asia

Warning: you will be seeing a lot of red very soon, but that's normal. No need to make an emergency doctor's appointment.

According to Siliconera, Sony has unveiled a very hot new limited edition PlayStation 2 at the Taipei Game Show: it's a brand new color, called Aka Takara Kurenai, or loosely translated as Crimson Red Treasure . Evidently, the cutie holding the PS2 is also wearing the same color. Furthermore, if you notice in the upper right of the page, that's our ad for the red PS3 we're giving away…see, we warned you about copious amounts of red! That new PS2 is scheduled to arrive in Asian retail stores on February 4, just in time for the Lunar New Year, but Sony didn't say if the Crimson Red Treasure edition was coming to North America. However, if you want a shot at winning an awesome red PS3 (one of a kind!), all you gotta do is register for our newsletter. Simple, yes?

One last added detail from the show- the intriguing and original Echochrome now has an estimated release date of spring 2008 in Asia. It's coming out in Japan on March 19, but again, we gamers in the U.S. don't have anything beyond "TBA 2008" at this point. Let's hope we hear more about both Echochrome and the limited edition PS2 coming to North American shores. In the meantime, isn't all that red pretty ?

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16 years ago

Does she come with the PS2? lol

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