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Media Create Japan Software Sales: Aug. 6th-12th

Last week's Japanese holiday prevented us from getting the new
Media Create numbers up until today. MC finally got their numbers
up for the week of August 6th-12th, and the results continue to
be pretty. For the third week in a row, Hot Shots Golf 5 remains
in the top 10, selling another 33k games. Not to be outdone,
though, is Mario Party 8's monster performance, as the game raked
in another 104k.

The "international" re-release of FFXII debuted with 46k
sold, meanwhile yet another Gundam game tops the chart by
debuting at nearly 138k sold. As far as debuts go, there's a
total of four, the other two being Donkey Kong Jungle Climber and
the all new Wild Arms Cross Fire for the PSP.

This top 10 chart averages out to 52.5k, which is nearly
identical to the previous week.

1. NDS – SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive (Bandai-Namco)
137,717 / Debut
2. WII – Mario Party 8 (Nintendo) 103,889 / 504,000
3. PS2 – Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job Systems
(Square Enix) 45,869 / Debut
4. NDS – Donkey Kong Jungle Climber (Nintendo) 45,564 / Debut
5. PS2 – J-League Winning Eleven 2007 (Konami) 45,260 / 195,000
6. PS3 – Everybody's Golf 5 (SCE) 33,066 / 250,000
7. PSP – Wild Arms Cross Fire (SCE) 31,893 / Debut
8. WII – Wii Sports (Nintendo) 28,211 / 2,000,000
9. NDS – The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo)
26,989 / 724,000
10. WII – Wii Play (Nintendo) 26,960 / 1,606,000

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