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Manhunt 2 UK Petition Now Online

In some ways, the Manhunt 2 debacle is over, but the battle is just beginning according to certain interested parties. A petition has been set up on the official Number 10 Downing Street site to protest the British Board of Film Classification's recent banning of the controversial title. After the ESRB assigned Manhunt 2 the dreaded AO (Adults Only) rating, the UK promptly banned the game.

The petition is entitled, "We the undersigned petition the British Prime Minister to restrict the powers of the BBFC with regard to the banning of video games." The reason for the petition is described as follows:

"The BBFC have recently refused to rate the videogame Manhunt 2. As such, adults in this country will never be allowed to play this game. Adults should be allowed to make their own decisions with regard to what videogames they want to play. We all understand that this game is extremely violent and unsuitable for children. As such an 18 rating should have been applied."

They will collect signatures until the August 26 deadline. It's true that the BBFC never gave the game a rating, making it the first time in a decade that has happened. The first title to be passed over by the organization was Carmageddon , which was eventually released after the decision was overturned due to appeal. So it'll be interesting to see how UK gamers respond to this petition, but it may be a moot point, anyway.

Because the game is rated AO, neither Sony or Nintendo will allow the game to be released on the PS2 or Wii, the target platforms for Manhunt 2 . Therefore, Take-Two and Rockstar have delayed the game indefinitely while they "review their options." By the time the petition is over, they may have edited the game down to a more accessible "M" rating.

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