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Manhunt 2 In Danger Of Disappearing

The saga – or downward spiral – of Manhunt 2 continues. If you thought it didn't go any further than the UK banning the game from their country and the ESRB applying the Adults Only rating, think again. That AO rating has created a snowball effect, and now, the controversial title might not see the light of day…at all.

After the ESRB's decision, the game has been subsequently banned in Ireland, Italy, and likely, Australia. But even worse, thanks to the AO tag, Blockbuster and GameFly won't rent it, and Wal-Mart and many other major retailers won't carry it. And it doesn't end there: Nintendo and Sony apparently do not allow Adult-Only games on their platforms, and prior to this falling out, Manhunt 2 was scheduled for the Wii and PS2. Now, both Nintendo and Sony have reportedly dropped the game, which means this title doesn't have a home.

Rockstar will probably suffer big losses, but can they really afford to cancel the game completely? Perhaps they simply need to find a platform that will take their product (the PC, for example), or maybe they'll make it online only, or something. But at this point, we wonder if anybody will ever see Manhunt 2 .

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