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Moto GP 07 Features Announced

With the Moto GP license in the hands of Capcom allowing only them to use the license on the PlayStation brand,
the publisher was quick to announce that they'd be developing
their first moto game for the PC and the PlayStation 2.
Personally, I'd have much rather preferred to see a stunning all
new motorcycle entry on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but I digress.
Today, Capcom sent us a list of features that'll be present in
the new game. You'll find the standard stuff like full season
racing, customized seasons, and quick-races for one or two

Additionally, Capcom will incorporate optional driving aids for
novices to learn with. Likewise, the game's A.I. will be
customizable, so you'll be able to tweak them. And, much like
Gran Turismo's licenses, Moto GP 07 will feature 100 trials
across three difficulties. The trials will range from slaloms,
time trials, and more.

Additional set of features are as follow:

• Riders and their bikes, teams and all 18 official tracks
from the 2007 season faithfully and painstakingly re-created
• Unique Game modes including – Championship / Quick race /
Time Attack / Challenges/ Multiplayer
• Selectable riding models to suit your skill-set and style
• A variety of immersive and challenging opponent
behavioural models to select depending on ability
• Challenging weather effects
• Accurate physics models based on real data
• Motorbike sound-effects recorded from actual MotoGP bikes

Look for Moto GP 07 to hit this Autumn.

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