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Namco Bandai Announces Final .hack

Namco Bandai announced today they'd be completing their long-running .hack trilogy with .hack //G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption . They plan to release it this fall for the PS2, and gamers will once again launch themselves into the MMO setting where players must finally restore balance to "The World."

"The first two installments of the .hack//G.U. trilogy have drawn players into 'The World' with compelling characters, addictive gameplay, and a riveting storyline," said Makoto Iwai, Executive Vice President and COO, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. "Delivering a captivating conclusion, .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption will have fans on the edge of their seat from start to finish."

Fans of the franchise will notice several changes in the storyline for the conclusion, as some familiar enemies have returned and even some friends have betrayed you. Haseo and Co. must work hard to restore the balance in both "realities," and while that may sound confusing, those who have played the titles understand perfectly…right?

Redemption will also feature an enhanced combat system that will allow the characters to transform into new forms and take advantage of more powerful attacks. Haseo will even have a brand new Awakening mode at his disposal, and there will be a grand total of 22 available characters to use for battle. On top of it all, we'll get new enemies, new locales, new steam bike parts and steam bike missions, and the final tier of Arena Battles. So in the waning days of the PS2, this RPG series is drawing to a close as well. Let's hope it goes out with a bang!

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