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Media Create Japan Hardware Sales: April 16th-22th

Once again, in case you weren't aware: sorry about the delay,
I've been without internet access for the past three days. In any
case, the story won't be changing for quite a while, folks. The
PlayStation 3 basically has no reason to exist in Japan, seeing
as how there isn't a grain of software to justify it. The
Nintendo DS saw an enormous boost in hardware sales, 172k units
were sold last week. The Nintendo Wii maintained its power with
another 78k consoles exchanging hands. The PSP saw a moderate
increase of 6k units with 29.5k handhelds sold. The PS3 dropped
another 1000k units to take in 11k.

Nintendo DS – 172,440
Nintendo Wii – 77,913
Sony PSP – 29,459
Sony PS2 – 11,398
Sony PS3 – 11,000
Xbox 360 – 2,307

April 9th-15th:

Nintendo DS 133,471
Nintendo Wii 75,759
Sony PSP 24,850
Sony PS2 12,872
Sony PS3 11,948
Xbox 360 2,900

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