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Majesco Places JAWS On Greatest Hits List

Okay, so it didn't receive a whole lot of critical acclaim, but that didn't stop JAWS Unleashed from selling plenty of copies. It appears we're all still in love with the giant sea beast after more than 30 years. Majesco has announced that JAWS Unleashed will be added to the PS2's Greatest Hits lineup.

"JAWS Unleashed is the first game in Majesco's product line to achieve this significant milestone," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "At only $19.99, this unique action title is a terrific value for consumers anxious to become one of nature's deadliest predators."

While not developed by Majesco – Appaloosa Interactive, also responsible for Ecco the Dolphin , created JAWS – it's still a great achievement for the relatively small publisher. We think it was crazy popular simply because you don't avoid the massive shark; you take control of Jaws and swim around wreaking havoc! Come on, that probably has a little something to do with the appeal, right?

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