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Test Drive Unlimited Goes Gold

Atari has announced that Test Drive: Unlimited for both the PS2 and PC has officially gone gold. Meaning, the game is complete and will be shipping to stores March 20th, as planned. The PC version will be available via digital download by the time you read this, so head over to to secure your PC copy straight onto your hard-drive.

In regards to last year's lauded Xbox 360 version of the game, “The three versions scheduled for release this Spring are equally as impressive in terms of presentation, technical achievement and gameplay,” said Stephen Baer, Senior Product Manager, Atari, Inc., “Each gives players the chance to race some of the world’s most desirable cars on the wide open tropical roads of Hawaii.”

“This year Atari is placing a major emphasis on leveraging new online capabilities to connect directly with the community,” said Chris Bergstresser, Senior Vice President, Atari Online Entertainment. “Offering Test Drive Unlimited for the PC to fans for digital download two weeks prior to retail launch, is part of a new online initiative for Atari to nurture our core consumers, open a dialogue and encourage our gamers to join our online community.”

The PS2 and PSP versions will feature 65 vehicles, from over 30 manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Jaguar, with 1000 miles of road to cover. Both versions will include the open ended online multiplayer facet that made the X360 version so popular. The PS2 and PSP version will feature a new Quick Race mode, and Master Points that you accumulate when you perform drifts or get air time.

The PSP version is expected to go gold at the end of the month.

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