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Another PS2 Title To Shut Down Servers

Well, MGS 3 was only the first online server casualty, because there are sure to be more to follow as the PS2 winds down. The next game to fall is Capcom's Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 , as the servers get shut down permanently at the end of this month.

The following is a post from a Super Moderator at the official site reads:

"Since Resident Evil Outbreak File#2 was released in August 2005 , Capcom has provided a server enabling consumers to experience the online element of this game free of charge. Regretfully, conditions now dictate that we must close down this server effective from March 31, 2007. Naturally it will still be possible to play the game offline, but the online component will no longer be available."

With the new generation upon us, it seems more and more people are slowly but surely making the conversion, and older games must always fall into the past. We can't imagine we'd see the same outcry over this one as we did about MGS 3, but then again, we're sure the loyal fans will be disappointed.

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