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Sega Reveals Phantasy Star Sequel

Phantasy Star fans recall with a shudder just how bad the online troubles have been in the past. Early on, the game was virtually grounded with constantly crashing servers, but Sega has worked to repair the difficulties. And thanks to that, and a never-say-die fanbase, the publisher is preparing a sequel.

It's called Phantasy Star Illuminas no Yabou (Ambition of Illuminas), and we actually heard this name on the day of PSU's release. Now, however, Sega is finally ready to offer up some info and specific details regarding this sequel for the PS2 and Xbox 360. This is no expansion, first of all, according to the latest Famitsu. There's a full story mode and a brand new online mode of play, so if you're looking for a fresh Phantasy Star experience, you needn't worry.

As expected, the game will also feature a horde of new weapons, enemies, and items to deck out your room. The online mode is going to have a few more lobbies, and some of your favorite parts of the Universe will make a return, and that includes the game's first forest stage. Fans should enjoy the ol' familiar stuff along with the new stuff, thereby making for a very attractive sequel.

And we would hope Sega won't make the same server mistakes as they did with PSU, so Ambition of Illuminas should hit the ground running. But just to make sure, they're releasing a trial mode for the PS2 version in Japan, slated to begin this spring (no official release date for the full version as of yet). Well, there's no harm in testing the waters first, right?

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