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Harmonix Leaves Guitar Hero Franchise

There's been some major shuffling concerning the teams working on the mega-popular Guitar Hero series. First, we find out Neversoft is leaping on board, perhaps bouncing Harmonix from the ship…and as it turns out, Harmonix has indeed left Guitar Hero to pursue another music-based title of their own. So just to clarify: Neversoft and RedOctane should be at the helm for Guitar Hero III and Harmonix has begun development on a brand new game.

As for this mystery project, Harmonix producer Daniel Sussman would only state the following in a recent interview with Gamasutra: "It's a bigger and more ambitious endeavor than we felt we could pursue within the bounds of the Guitar Hero franchise." That doesn't really shed any light on things (i.e., which platforms will it be for, will it be something similar to Guitar Hero , etc.), but at least he's given us a classic PR statement. Doesn't mean much of anything, but it sounds good.

However, we do have faith in the MTV-owned developer, so we'll be waiting anxiously to see what they've got planned.

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