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Australian Console Sales

The Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia released fourth quarter 2006 figures pertaining to console sales in the isolated continent. The sales, while not quite the caliber of numbers we're used to seeing here in the US, displayed some pretty sharp figures. With these stats, we can confirm that the Nintendo DS is taking over the gaming world. Just like it is in the states, Japan, and Europe, the DS dominates sales there too.

Impressively, in only 3 weeks time, the Wii managed to pull in sales of over 50k units — probably selling out everywhere. But not all things are peachy for next-gen sales, as the Microsoft Xbox 360 is dead last, pulling in less than 45k units in the October-December time frame. Perhaps the region isn't quite ready to make the next-gen jump with the cost of consoles being a bit expensive.

The two more expensive units (the PSP and X360) are pulling in weaker sales — where as the two less expensive units feature a stark contrast with 6-digit sales. It's still too early to judge the Nintendo Wii's performance, but based on the console's sales in a three week period, the solid performance should continue for quite a while. Below is each respecive systems sales data for October-December 2006, and the price point for them.

1. Nintendo DS: 151,992 ($199)

2. PlayStation 2: 122,639 ($199)

3. PSP: 55,850 ($299, $380 Value Pack)

4. Nintendo Wii: 51,744 ($399)

5. Xbox 360: 45,036 ($499 Core, $650 Premium)

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