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Rhino Video Games Absorbed by Gamestop

The Gainesville-based chain, Rhino Video Games, has been a staple for southeastern enthusiasts for years. Well known for its consumer-friendly return policies, special deals, and gracious backlog of used games from consoles dating back to the NES, the retailer is no effectively no more. The rumor of Gamestop Corp. rolling up another franchise began as a

, but large amounts of anecdotal evidence coming from both Rhino and Gamestop employees seem to confirm the deal. Gamestop has yet to issue an official press release, but with their sales exceeding $1.7 billion over the holiday season, the company is in a great position to make some purchases of its own.

According to the reports, all Rhino outlets will be converting to GameStops by January 14th. It is currently unknown how drastic the changes will be and whether or not Rhino will be able to keep some of its old policies (unlikely). It is, however, possible that the chain will retain its name just as other Gamestop acquistions EB and Babbage's have.

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