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God of War 2 Goes Beta

Last week, God of War 2 director Cory Barlog (that's Bar-log, not Bal-rog) put up a new blog informing his readers that God of War 2 is officially beta. What does this mean to you? Well, it basically means that God of War 2 is nearing completion and the guys are now playing through it to iron out any little bugs or errors they may come across. The beta copy was handed out for everyone to take home over the holiday break in hopes of the staff returning with notes of any potential issues that may exist in the code.

That said, the projected release date of the game remains February 2007 — but fear not, as the gang hopes to have a demo of the game put out sometime in January. In his blog, Barlog puts emphasis on wanting to make the game as bug free and clean as possible. "…We will spend all of January fixing up and polish[ing] the game to make it super mint!!! I can’t wait to finish this thing and get more people playing it."

He continues with: "As for the idea that we pushed back so why don’t we add some levels…we pushed back to make sure everything we have now is as tight and clean and fun as it can be. We are using that extra time to make the game solid not to add more stuff to it and release a buggy game."

Sounds good to us. With God of War 2 said to be the last hurrah for the venerable PS2, it's nice to see that Sony's Santa Monica studios is taking such meticulous care of the game. We're definitely very excited to finally have the game in our hands, too bad we have to wait another month.

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