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Madden 07 Sells 5 Million

Fresh from the Christmas long weekend break, EA announced today that Madden 07 has shipped 5 million units among 10 different platforms. And no, that's not a typo, I really did say 10 platforms. A majority of those sales probably accounted for PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox and PSP versions of the game, leaving the PS3, Nintendo DS, GameCube, PC, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo Wii versions with the least in sales. EA also reported that only during the first week of Madden 07 sales 2 million copies were moved. EA's Todd Sitrin had this to say:

"Madden NFL 07 is the must-have game for players to realize the full power of the new systems like the Wii, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360," said Todd Sitrin, VP of Marketing for the EA SPORTS brand. "EA's Tiburon Studio has once again set the bar for innovation and consumers have responded. This has been an amazing holiday season for Madden NFL 07."

We find these kinds of press releases amusing here at PSX Extreme. Largely because gamers didn't have a choice, so the game is not a "must-have" but rather an only-have. Moreover, the Madden games don't take any sort of advantage of either next-gen console, as both games aren't visually impressive.

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