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Guitar Hero Lawsuit Finds Settlement

This past summer, Guitar Hero developer RedOctane and publisher Activision sued The Ant Commandos, responsible for a very similar peripheral design to the well-known guitar controller. Of course, The Ant Commandos claimed it was RedOctane/Activision who stole the idea, and immediately counter-sued.

By the time late October rolled around, though, the warring companies told the judge they planned to reach a settlement within ten days. Their time frame may have been wrong, but the settlement has finally occurred. A few weeks ago, the two parties informed the court they had settled their differences and agreed upon a settlement, thereby ending the dispute. The judge officially dismissed the case yesterday.

The details of the settlement haven't been made public (yet), but The Ant Commandos have told GameSpot that they will continue to distribute their product. We don't know if this means Octane/Activision conceded, or if there were more conditions involved in the deal. But at least it's all over.

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